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You can post your Tweets for free using Logpost,
a free Twitter client for mobile phones

Works on most major mobile phone platforms...

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On Phone Please Visit: Logpost.com/login


Use Twitter from anywhere.

We maturized Twitter to fit perfectly on your phone.
We paid close attention to the details so you could
enjoy sending and receiving messages from anywhere.
To use Twitter for iPhone you’ll need an phone and a
Twitter Account. You can sign-up for Twitter it is Free!

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Follow your friends

Our recent posts screen is elegantly designed like Twitter and allows you to flip through all your posts with a flick of your finger.

Direct conversations

Simply click on the icon of your friend to direct message them. We organize your direct messages separately so you can have an ongoing conversation.

Add new friends from iPhone

If you meet someone out in the world who uses Twitter you can quickly follow them right from your phone.

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